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Evacuate… evacuate

April 22, 2011


So the day had finally arrived. After negotiating Virgin’s finest, the mean streets of Central London and the jungle that is Connex South Eastern on any given Thursday, I rocked up to the Goat’s ranch around 9pm. The Goat and I swiftly repaired to the Black Horse pubic house to plot our course, especially the […]

New Ale Theraphy

January 16, 2011


Forgive me, Lord, for I have sinned. It has been 10 days since my last post. Unfortunately, ill-health, back problems and the ever-present spectre that is work have all conspired to prevent me from posting. I have finally found some ‘capacity’ while I lie in bed after being incapacitated by the said back problem. While […]

Riders on the storm

January 1, 2011


So, who would make the list? What started out as five riders soon became seven, then six, before settling on four ‘definites’ with two ‘maybes’. So – cue drum roll – here is the list: Andy Tabberer (Me) Aliases: Topsy, Tabbs, ‘Our Glorious leader ‘ Profile: See about me for more details. Several people have […]