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Evacuate… evacuate

April 22, 2011


So the day had finally arrived. After negotiating Virgin’s finest, the mean streets of Central London and the jungle that is Connex South Eastern on any given Thursday, I rocked up to the Goat’s ranch around 9pm. The Goat and I swiftly repaired to the Black Horse pubic house to plot our course, especially the […]

Farewell my lovely

March 23, 2011


We move ever closer to the main event. I even checked the weather in Bruges today. Maximum temperature 14C, clear skies with a 4 mph NNE wind. Lovely. Yesterday morning I was greeted by a new post alert from the Trail Bike Journal which is penned by the fair hand of my good friend Mr […]

From tiny acorns

December 24, 2010


From tiny acorns do mighty oaks grow…. The idea for the Tour was sparked by the arrival of a large mystery package at Chez Tabberer several moons ago. After heaving this nondescript beast into the kitchen, I then set about opening the said mystery package. Nestling luxuriously inside was a connoisseur’s selection of Belgian beauties; […]

In the beginning

December 23, 2010


Why, oh, why are you writing a blog? Good question. It’s a dazzling combination of needing to have something to occupy my feeble mind and wanting some kind of creative outlet other than drawing matchstick animals for my offspring, work colleagues etc. The theme sort of suggested itself as I was looking to organise a […]