Flanders tour in pictures

Posted on May 23, 2011


Our trip in photos:

Shamu and Andy on the ferry crossing

It was safe to say our Glorious Leader was looking forward to the tour


Death, Slaughter and Conquest were wandering where Famine could have got to

France - Belgium border

And the Lord smiled, for they had reached the Promised Land.

The Road to Bruges

The Goat and Our Glorious Leader pick up the pace as they sense Bruges is close by

Happy boys

Our Glorious Leader and Shamu making the most of the disappointing Bar Gezelleke and its shabby beer list

Late night session

Duvel 2 Shamu & Goat 0 - The Goat looks like a performance artist whereas Steve looks like a piss artist

Living Etc B&B

How did we end up staying here? It felt like we'd stumbled into a Living Etc photo shoot

Beautiful Bruges

Beautiful Bruges: If we are ever so good and do all our chores, can we live here forever?

Bruge Market Square

Our Glorious Leader, Shamu and the Goat doing the tourist thing in Bruges Market Sq

The Road/Canal to Sluis, NL

Damse Vart - aka the Napoleonchannel or Canal Bruges-Sluis. Stunning

People watching in Sluis

Our Glorious leader and Shamu looking the part in Sluis as they watch the world go by

Café Botteltje - home of possibly the best pub in the world

Café Botteltje: the Holy Grail. 400, yes, 400 world classs beers. God be praised

Inside Café Botteltje

10 beers on draft, 400 in the fridge. Heaven

Westmalle Dubbel on draft

Westmalle Dubbel on draft: it demanded focus. Look in their eyes, they are loving this

The Bible of Beer

El Presidente regards the legendry Cafe Botteltje beer menu. Let battle commence!

Guido beer

Guido beer. Do NOT drink this beer under any circumstances. It is shockingly bad. Even I couldn't finish this.

Journey home

The Goat taking us home to Dunkirk

De Kust

The Goat cruising along de kust, Bexley style

The last blog about the tour will appear very shortly. Until then, goodbye.

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