The end is near

Posted on July 31, 2011


The beer experience continues…..

 St. Louis Gueuze Fond Tradition 5% 375ml bottle

After the Guido experience – which, coincidentally, is the title of the next Robert Ludlum novel – I needed something light, sparkling and a little tart to refresh my battered and somewhat violated palate.  The big and boozy dark ales were taking effect so it was time to slow the pace a little, keep the toad in the hole, so to speak.

I elected to go Lambic in the shapely form of the Gueuze Fond Tradition. As I have mentioned before, a Gueuze is a cider that’s been raised as a wine only to discover it was a beer all along; in other words an effervescent, sour yet refreshing beverage that defies logic. A bit like Noel Fielding.

With palate cleansed and ship steadied, it was time for the next beer.

Anecdote time – It was at this point that the Goat told a rapt audience about his Turkish bath episode. I’ll spare you the details but let’s just say the morale of this story was never ever close your eyes when alone in a sauna. We’re not talking teabags but creepy nonetheless. I have a similar story about sunbathing, a frisky Egyptian man and a bottle of sun tan lotion but I’ll save that for another day.

Cantillon Kriek 100% Lambic 5% 375ml bottle

I thought I’d dwell in Lambic and try a Lambic fruit beer. This is no ordinary fruit beer. Each bottle will contain several hundred grams of cherries resulting in an immensely fruity taste that eventually gives way to the Lambic sourness. Reddish-pink in colour, Kriek 100% is a real slice of summer and, at 5%, a thirst quencher.

After two relatively light beers, it was time to climb those stairs one last time.

Anecdote time – the Goat reduced me to giggling mess by wondering aloud ‘ If Walter Matthau’s face looks like a scrotum, what does his scrotum look like?’

Boon Marriage Parfait 8% 375ml bottle

For my last beer of the evening, I thought I’d go for something special. Boon Marriage Parfait is just that; fresh and lemony in taste, copper in colour and hearty in strength. That’s about as much as I remember about this beer.

Time for bed. One of the great nights of my life, nestling somewhere between my wedding day and the birth of my children. Fact.

Homeward bound

The next day saw us wind our way home along De Kust and onto France, Dunkirk bound. Apart from a short spell on the motorway, this was a lovely ride. I won’t waste words here, look at the pictures instead.

A pretty house

An attractive house. Nothing more, nothing less

Andy, Graham and Brian

Heading into the wind. Again

Coastal Defence Outpost

Coastal defence outpost replete with canon and double glazed front window

Steel cable tank

No, we were not sure what to make of this either

Pit Stop

The Goat and El Vice Presidente discuss the route. Again.

Nearing Dunkirk

A ship...Dunkirk must be nearby. Surely. Not.

The end

Pointless arty shot.

This is the last installment of this blog. The trip is long over and, more importantly, I am no longer a novice when it comes to beer, cycling or Belgium. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and especially if you were kind enough to post a comment. I’ll leave you with a few stats and then I’ll be off.

1650+ blog views

150 miles cycled

51 comments posted

21 posts

20+ beers experienced

5 bars visited

4 riders

3 countries visited

2 punctures

1 good time had by all

Goodbye 🙂